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About Chemonova

We have been manufacturing Cadmium Pigments for the past 50 years. Our shades include Deep Red, Medium/Standard Red, Light Red, Standard Orange, Light Orange, Golden Yellow and Lemon Yellow. Custom shades can be prepared too. We also manufacture Cobalt based Black, Blue and Green.

Our Pigments are used all over India with a lot of trust in industries such as Plastics, Incandescent Night Bulb Decoration, Ceramics, Abrasives, Artist Colours and others.

We regularly export, directly and also through our agents. Our export regions are European, South East Asian and African countries. Our logistic partners are ever ready to help and ease all the requirements of our buyers.

Chemonova was founded by Late S.K.Majumdar in the 1960’s. Now it is a partnership firm among family members headed by Mr. Ranajay Majumdar. Decision making is swift and buyers’ needs are catered to with great care and expertise directly by the owners/partners.

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Our Motto: To provide quality products at the cheapest prices possible. We in Chemonova are committed to pass on every trade benefit to our valued customers.

  • Factory Area : Around 5000 sq. feet
  • Staff Strength : Around 25
  • Production Capacity : 5 tonnes per month

Our Pigments Are Used For

cadmium orange

Incandescent Night Bulb Decoration

cadmium yellow

Plastic Masterbatch

manufacturer exporter of cadmium pigments

Artist Colours

cadmium pigments


Contact Us

Call: +91 9831004020


3, Sarkar Bye Lane, P.O:Burrabazar, P.S: Girish Park, Kolkata- 700007

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